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Welcome to my website all about Macromedia Flash 4. This site is aimed at beginners who want to learn Flash. With the help of this site and others like it, you will be a Flash master in no time!

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Site News                                                                 21st May 01

I have added a new tutorial. It is a bit harder than the others but you will get the hang of it.


Site News                                                                   3rd May 01

I have added a chat room so you can all chat about Macromedia Flash and anything else that you want!


Site News                                                                29th April 01

I have added another tutorial and I am in the process of doing some more so check back soon.


Site News!                                                               24th April 01

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but I have had a lot of schoolwork to do because of my upcoming exams. More updates will be here soon!


Site News!                                                               12th April 01

This is it. My new site design, and lots more downloads! Enjoy!










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